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Richard Dion

Music Critic


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Featured Review:


Imagine Dragons – Origins

Imagine Dragons – Origins

In three albums, the Las Vegas quartet has become one of the most prominent bands on the planet, even going so far as to line up three #1 hits on their previous record, Evolve ("Believer", "Thunder" and "Whatever It Takes"). (read more)

Featured New Artist:


The Maple City – Brief Golden Age

The Maple City – Brief Golden Age

The name of The Maple City comes from the nickname of their hometown, Chatham, Ontario. The folk rock collective led by singer-songwriter Jason McFadden presents its debut album, Brief Golden Age. Their roots sound was inspired by both Bob Dylan and Violent Femmes. (read more)



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Muse – Simulation Theory


Simulation Theory

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Clean Bandit – What is Love?

Clean Bandit

What is Love?

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Eric Clapton – Happy Xmas

Eric Clapton

Happy Xmas

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Serena Ryder – Christmas Kisses

Serena Ryder

Christmas Kisses

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The Lost Fingers & John Jorgenson – Worldwide Christmas

The Lost Fingers & John Jorgenson

Worldwide Christmas

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Chris Cornell – Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell

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Pink Martini – Non Ouais! The French Songs of Pink Martini

Pink Martini

Non Ouais! The French Songs of Pink Martini

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Twenty One Pilots – Trench

Twenty One Pilots


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