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June 22

Panic! At the Disco


June 29

Florence and the Machine

Bullet For My Valentine


july 27

Rise Against


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Edition #207: June 2018


Discover the top 20s of 10, 25 and 40 years ago, as well as 2017. Coming up soon: the top 20 of 50 years ago.


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Richard Dion

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Featured Review:


Charlie Puth – Voicenotes

Charlie Puth – Voicenotes

After the huge radio hits of two years ago, including the inevitable "Marvin Gaye", the American pop singer returns with his sophomore album. It contains again some bombs, like "Attention" and "How Long". But what keeps most of the attention on Voicenotes, it is a much greater coherence throughout the record... (read more)

Featured New Artist:


Justin Saladino Band – A Fool’s Heart

Justin Saladino Band – A Fool’s Heart

Even though he is only 23 years old, the Montreal guitarist has been present on the Quebec music scene for more than 10 years. He has shared the stage with many artists including Victor Wainwright, Steve Strongman, Frank Marino, Paul DesLauriers, Jack of Keyzer and Ronnie Baker Brookes... (read more)



Other recent album reviews:


Florence K – Estrellas

Florence K


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 Chromeo – Head Over Heels


Head Over Heels

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Father John Misty – God's Favorite Customer

Father John Misty

God's Favorite Customer

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Tami Neilson – Sassafrass!

Tami Neilson


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Harold Lopez-Nussa – Un Dia Cualquiera

Harold Lopez-Nussa

Un Dia Cualquiera

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Judith Owen – redisCOVERed

Judith Owen


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Corneille – Love & Soul


Love & Soul

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Steve Hill – The One-Man Blues Rock Band

Steve Hill

The One-Man Blues Rock Band

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