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Featured Review:


Coldplay – Everyday Life

Coldplay – Everyday Life

After the pop turn of recent years, most notably on A Head Full of Dreams in 2015, Coldplay is embarking on a new direction on Everyday Life. We could call the album back to basics, even if it is rather a somewhat different evolution for the band that experiments with various organic sounds from around the world... (read more)

Featured New Artist:


Konradsen – Saint and Sebastian Stories

Konradsen – Saint and Sebastian Stories

Konradsen is a Norwegian duo formed of Jenny Marie Sabel and multi-instrumentalist Eirik Vildgren. They offer soft indie pop music, carried on by the seductive voice of Sabel. It is accompanied by a discreet piano and minimalist electro arrangements incorporating sounds of everyday life, like the second single, "Dice"... (read more)



Other recent album reviews:


Miranda Lambert – Wildcard

Miranda Lambert


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Leonard Cohen – Thanks For the Dance

Leonard Cohen

Thanks For the Dance

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Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas – Two Ninety Three

Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas

Two Ninety Three

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Mystery – Live in Poznan (2 CD)


Live in Poznan

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Nekromantix – 3 Decades of Darkle (Blu-ray + DVD + CD)


3 Decades of Darkle

(Blu-ray + DVD + CD)

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Chantal Kreviazuk – Christmas is a Way of Life, My Dear

Chantal Kreviazuk

Christmas is a Way of Life, My Dear

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Good Lovelies – Evergreen

Good Lovelies


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James Blunt – Once Upon a Mind

James Blunt

Once Upon a Mind

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