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Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer




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Here is what we think is making a good album. It's some kind of the Musicomania criterias for those top 20s.

  1. A complete album we can listen to from the beginning to the end with no unnecessary songs.

  2. An album we want to listen to very often.

  3. An album that can go through eras and stays up to date.

  4. An album with at least 2 or 3 great songs or hits we will be able to identify easily to the artist for years to come.

  5. An album that will become a classic for the artist who recorded it, even if he does a lot of other albums in his career.

  6. An album that will be a big influence for many other artists in the following years.

  7. An album that brings a new style or a new approach to the genre.

  8. An album that becomes a classic in the music history.

Commercial success is not necessary, put it helps anyway.


Please note that we don't include best of compilations, anthologies and concert albums in the top 20s, because they are not real albums with a specific direction, so we can't compare them to albums. We know that some are very good but they should only be compared between themselves.


You should note too that we only include 20 albums so it's possible we had to reject great ones.


R. Dion






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