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You can find here musicographies for bands or artists that were very important in music history. They're most of all artists that influenced many other musicians and that are well respected in the industry.


For the fans of hard rock, specially for the ones who are nostalgic of the 1970s and the 1980s, we present "The Ultimate Hard Rock Guide". The website is presenting you among others a complete directory of the hard rock artists with detailed presentation pages for some of those artists.


Richard Dion

In alphabetical order:


AC/DC Musicography


The Beatles - Musicography


David Bowie Musicography


The Doors - Musicography


Guns N' Roses Musicography


Jimi Hendrix Musicography


Michael Jackson Musicography


KISS - Musicography


Led Zeppelin Musicography


Madonna Musicography


Metallica - Musicography


Nirvana - Musicography


Pink Floyd - Musicography


Elvis Presley - Musicography


Queen Musicography


Rolling Stones Musicography


Sex Pistols - Musicography




U2 Musicography




Richard Dion - Le guide ultime de la musique ROCK






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